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Hella kawaii.

Just an ordinary girl who likes books and paper and pencils and art and voice acting.




a support group for vampires who were turned as children or adolescents. a bunch of small, melancholy kid-shaped vampires sitting around in somebody’s living room talking very seriously in tiny voices about current events in the vampire world. a lot of them dress like grandmas because they are as old as a grandma, maybe even ten grandmas. they have a network system where they can call adult-looking vampires to help them get things, drive places, pretend to be parents so child-looking vampires can get into adult movies 


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It’s like I’m a candy drug dealer or something

It’s like I’m a candy drug dealer or something

I have made many mistakes in my life
But too much candy is not one of them
I think.


can’t stop won’t stop

trickster trolls designs belongs to animebooty

(and oops I thought the line on terezi’s sprite’s shirt was a cape thing because I couldn’t figure it out by then I realized its a cherry it was too late orz)

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do you want to live in nyc with two really awesome nonbinary individuals starting around the beginning of august this summer? then say no more, my friend; you’ve found yourself a done deal!

my friend jess and i (my name is robin) are planning on getting an apartment in manhattan, and we need a third roommate before officially looking for an apartment. we’ve done searches, of course, and the highest rent amount we’ve agreed upon is ~$1800 a month, so between three roommates it’d be $600 a month (if not less, in  the case we find a cheaper rent)

below the cut is info detailing things like age range, smoking/non smoking, pets, etc, as well as a map of where specifically in manhattan we’re looking at.

(also, please signal boost this if you can! thank you!)

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Historia Reiss - Wings of Counterattack Outfits
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pink & blue tops from sweetbox
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I went to bowling for the first time in Little Tokyo today!!! I thought my outfit was really cute and I felt cute and it seemed I was gonna suck at bowling but I got 3rd SO HAHA SUCKERS